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Bottle 19 l

Bottle 19 l

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PET bottle 19l APG Europlast
  • PET bottle 19l. in contrast to polycarbonate bottles does not contain hazardous chemical elements «Bisphenol — A» (BPA) . «Bisphenol-A» is used as the curing agent in the manufacture of plastics. He is one of the key monomer in the production of polycarbonate plastic. In 2010, the FDA (Department for Control over the Food and Drug Administration) has officially recognized the harm «Bisphenol-A» to human health.
  • PET bottle 19l. It is more flexible, allowing you to be more resistant to freezing temperatures.
  • PET bottle 19l. The bottle has optimum number of turns (30-40 rpm). Practice found that in the derivation of the reusable bottles from circulation after 30-35 revolutions, the risk of algal blooms is reduced to zero.
  • Extensive use on drinking water market small packaging PET (familiar material).
  • The impact strength of PET bottles 19l. 10 times, which helps eliminate such bad effects as mechanical damage during transport of bottles, intrinsic to polycarbonate.
  • Empty PET bottle 19l. has a weight of 700 grams, which makes it easy to move and store it.
  • PET bottle 19l. fully recyclable.
  • The design of the bottle without the ribbed surfaces and the hollow handle ensures excellent cleanability and does not allow dirt to linger in places inaccessible for sanitization.
  • The water temperature for washing PET bottle is lower than the same polycarbonate bottles, helping to reduce energy costs and reduce environmental pollution.
The main parameters of the PET bottle 19l:
  • Material production — PET ;
  • The main color of — transparent blue (on request is possible a different color);
  • Weight — 700 g ;
  • Volume — 19 liters ;
Individual approach to clients
Business Combinations «Europlast» also offers:
  • Partner manufacturers of equipment for blowing and pouring water
  • The preform for blowing bottles from PET such as «PET KEG-M-19»
We also sell preforms for bottles of 19 liters.
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If you find it difficult to choose the best option package, send your request our sales department.