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Крупнейший производитель ПЭТ упаковки полного цикла в Северо-Западном регионе

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PET-keg 30 l

PET-keg 30 l

  • No need to have a park kegs — PET kegs are made, if necessary
  • Minimum storage area — a more rational use of production and warehouse space
  • Reduction of handling and storage operations
  • The absence of detergents for cleaning expenses
  • No need for equipment to clean
  • Lack of hazardous waste generated during the purification process
  • Much less consumption of water
  • PET kegs and cover completely recyclable
  • Reduction of repair and the related accounting expenses and time (no replacement of damaged kegs, loss, theft and Maintenance)
  • No need to keep records of received collateral for providing the kegs and the subsequent proceedings in the case of a non-return or return damaged kegs
  • The absence of costs associated with the return of used kegs
  • One transport unit placed a greater number of liters of products (1.25 times)
  • Increasing the useful payload of full kegs
The main parameters of the PET kegs:
  • Operating pressure — 3.5 bar ;
  • limit pressure (burst pressure) — 6.5 bar ;
  • The content of CO2 — 5.5 g / l ;
  • Weight — 400 g ;
  • Volume — 30 liters ;
  • Maximum vertical load (with the product during storage) — 95 kg
The main parameters of the lid with a valve for the container type «PET kegs»:
  • is designed to be an automatic pressure release more than 6 bar ;
  • Type of cover: « A»;
  • Crown-Corkers method: twisting;
  • Cover Weight Tube — 95,4 g;
  • Inner tube diameter — 14,5 mm
We also sell preforms for PET kegs of 30 liters

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