ОАО «АПГ Восточная Европа» Входит в объединение предприятий «ЕВРОПЛАСТ» с 2006 года

Крупнейший производитель ПЭТ упаковки полного цикла в Северо-Западном регионе


Informative label

The manufacturer or bottler may totally exclude the technological labeling from the bottling process. The characteristic of the image allow placing not only the main elements of the visual image but also the regulated information (manufacturer, content, barcodes etc.

Laser PET technology does not add any paints, glue, paper or any other polymers to the material.
Laser PET packaging may be produced at any quantity: from a single item to industrial batch. One more competitive advantage of the technology is the possibility of the variable information (numeration, promo codes).

Use a bottle as an instrument for communication with customers while promo events. For example, the QR code of the promo page link can be placed on the bottle. The image can be changed for every stock – that will allow to avoid additional expenses on the production of new label batch, printing matrixes and blowing molds.

Officially patented elaboration of APG Eastern Europe.
Unlike the engraving, the material does not get rubbed away from the surface.

The placement of the image does not worsen the durability or any other physical and chemical characteristics of the polymer container.

Who is it for:

  • * Manufacturers of drinks or pet-packaged products
  • * Trademarks or trade nets owners
  • * Specific retailers (bottling drinks)

Bottle design

The technology may be used as an addition to the ordinary bottle branding methods – mold forming while blowing of the cap by means of letterpress:

  • * to plan the labeled bottled part which allows to use the abilities of Laser PET technology in combination with traditional label;
  • * to mark the dented shape, add depth and contrast

Using of laser PET in the bottle design raises the attractiveness of the products on the shelves and allows to use the communicative abilities of the package on its maximum.