ОАО «АПГ Восточная Европа» Входит в объединение предприятий «ЕВРОПЛАСТ» с 2006 года

Крупнейший производитель ПЭТ упаковки полного цикла в Северо-Западном регионе

Europlast Plant in Solnechnogorsk

APG Europlast PET production Europlast Plant in Solnechnogorsk

History of the plant

Until the mid 90-ies of the production of PET preforms and closures (caps) for them in Russia did not exist. On entered Russian market were imported products, and an interesting fact that at first imported not preforms and finished bottles for further filling them liquid food. Organization of production of PET preforms and closures in Russia refers to the years 1996-1997. At this time, in October 1997 in the town of Solnechnogorsk of the Moscow region was registered the same name the plant "EUROPLAST" — the pioneer of the packaging industry in PET. The basis of the enterprise was based on the idea of creating a major Russian plant for the production of PET preforms and closures of European quality that can compete with foreign manufacturers. In 1997 he was awarded the first in the history of the plant a contract to supply an automated production line of PET preforms with a capacity of 96 million pieces. a year with the Swiss company "Netstal". With the commissioning of the first production lines and the appearance of the first laboratory for the quality control of raw materials and manufactured products. Already by 2000, the existing facilities could not accommodate the growing high rate of production. Needed a new production facility to accommodate the lines. In this regard, in March 2000, the auction was purchased unfinished object property in Solnechnogorskiy plant "EUROPLAST". Within 5 months the facility was transformed into a modern industrial complex that meets all state technical and sanitary standards. Total production area of over 7000 sq. m. In accordance with the strategic plans, the main emphasis was put on ensuring stability and high quality products. Therefore, in June 2001 to meet the increased demands of customers in respect of quality control was put into operation the only in Russia specialized laboratory of quality control of raw materials and finished products. Further, the quality of the products and production have become the corporate standard for all production Enterprises. An important aspect of the development of the quality management system is a confirmation of its conformity to requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. In June 2004 Solnechnogorsk plant "EUROPLAST" was certified and received a positive conclusion. This is an important step towards the durable implementation of a systematic approach to quality management. Today Solnechnogorskiy plant "EUROPLAST" is the main plant Association, the largest manufacturer of PET-packaging in Russia. Manufacturing of PET preforms and closures performed on high-precision equipment of such famous companies as NETSTAL, HUSKY, DEMAG, SACMI etc.

Contact information

141532, Russia, Moscow Region, Radumlya village, Kirovsky rural district, Solnechnogorsk District,
Mechanical Plant No. 1 neighbourhood

tel.: +7 (495) 745 88 85
fax: +7 (495) 253 81 13
e-mail: office@europlast.ru